Endorsements for Dr. Jason Lepojärvi

Student Endorsements


Jesiah Stedman“Jason Lepojärvi is an excellent tutor who set the bar higher than I would have set it myself, which challenged me to achieve more than I thought possible. In addition, Dr Lepojarvi proved to be an expert in both primary and supplementary materials, helping me to traverse the difficult terrain of my topic: C. S. Lewis on suffering. Dr Lepojarvi went above and beyond to adapt to my learning style and invest in me as an individual—not simply as a student.

Jesse Stedman, Pastor, Saddleback Church, California

Jessica Fehr“Having taken his class on C. S. Lewis and love, I can easily recommend Dr. Jason Lepojärvi and his tutorials in ‘Lewisology’. As a life-long fan of Lewis and Tolkien, I find his teaching to be engaging, challenging, and formative. Lepojarvi has a wealth of knowledge in this subject area; he is passionate about the material and is capable of facilitating captivating discussions.”

Jessica Fehr, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, St. John’s Vancouver Anglican Church, Canada

Daniela Amestegui“I was refreshed by Jason’s new ‘tutorial style’ class. It helped me to sharpen and deepen my thought. His course had a direct impact on my writing and analytical skills. I’m very grateful to Jason for his guidance and company in this challenging and enjoyable process.”

Daniela Améstegui, Graphic Designer, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Joseph Zondervan “Jason gave me the philosophical and contextual tools to uncover the scholarly rigour of Lewis’s work, while lovingly critiquing Lewis when appropriate. I soon discovered that the writer I had so long admired for his universal appeal was also a scholarly force for his time and ours. Similarly, both academically and personally, Jason’s teaching was masterful. Academically, Jason pushed me to new standards of rigor, while responding generously to critique and question. He balanced respect for his students’ opinions, openness to his own potential blind spots, and confidence in his subject. But Jason’s role as professor extended beyond just delivering knowledge; he also became a mentor and advisor. I am as grateful for our conversations outside of class as I am for those inside the class, and his wisdom and guidance in areas both related and unrelated to course material has been invaluable.”

Joseph Zondervan, Law, University of Alberta, Canada

David MarolfJason Lepojarvi perfectly blends together scholarship and approachability in his courses that both academics and casual C. S. Lewis fans will find intriguing and educational. I was originally nervous about taking Jason’s class on Lewis’s theology of love. As a Chemistry major, I wasn’t sure if I had what it takes to participate in discussions involving theology, let alone write my own essay about it. However, Jason was an incredibly gracious and helpful teacher, and as a result, I finished the class feeling confident in my knowledge. To this day, it is easily one of my favorite classes that I have ever taken.”

David Marolf, Chemistry, Abilene Christian University, Texas, USA

Richard Lyne“During a Study Abroad excursion to Oxford, I had the privilege of studying C. S. Lewis under the tutelage of Professor Jason Lepojärvi. His outstanding course on love provided an avenue of study that was at once passionately interesting, inspired, and meticulously planned out.  I can attest to his depth of insight and judicious reader’s eye that enable his students to flourish. There is no academic authority on Lewis today that I would be more willing to endorse than him.”

Richard Lyne, English Literature, Abilene Christian Univeristy, Texas, USA

Anne Mulrooney“After studying with Dr. Lepojärvi in one-on-one tutorials and ‘friend’-ing him on Facebook, I can assure prospective students they need not worry about an impersonal or unorganized online experience. No other syllabus I’ve ever received has been so carefully constructed, and he was always willing to answer any clarifying questions I had. I also know from his many statuses that his good cheer exists as brightly online as it does in person! Spiritual and academic growth are on the prospective students’ horizons, and I highly recommend his tutelage.

Anne Mulrooney, English Literature, University of Buffalo, New York, USA

Seth Hart“There are few speakers who can match Dr. Lepojärvi’s combination of intelligence, charisma, and speaking skills. I’ve not met a fellow student who has not talked of how much they’ve enjoyed and learned from his lectures. My own experience of his class on Lewis and love no exception. I’m finishing my third degree in theological studies, and Jason’s course ranks among the best I’ve ever taken. Anyone looking for an engaging and brilliant professor on evangelicalism’s most beloved novelist need look no further.”

Seth P. Hart, Theology Student, Joplin, Missouri, USA

Natalie Koskela“Under Jason’s leadership, I spent two months reading, writing about, and discussing many of C. S. Lewis’ works. I had never before learned so much in such a short time, and it is thanks to Jason. He put together reading lists and crafted essay prompts in a way that challenged me to think deeply, and he structured the course so that each week built on the last. During our tutorial sessions Jason asked wise questions that exposed me to new perspectives, while at the same time affirming that I, too, have valuable insights to share. In addition, he always provided me with timely feedback on my essays, and he answered any questions I had quickly and willingly. My time in Oxford was full of wonderful experiences that I will not soon forget, but my tutorials with Jason tops them all. Because of Jason’s teaching and support, I am now better able to read thoughtfully, write clearly, and think critically.”

Natalie Koskela, Psychology, Azusa Pacific University, California

Lindsey Johnson.jpg“I had the opportunity to experience the Socratic method of dialectic learning with Dr. Lepojärvi at Oxford University. His course ‘C. S. Lewis: Intellect and Imagination’ included one-on-one tutorials in defense of my argumentative essays. The opportunity to discuss perennial questions with an expert is both amazing and daunting. I will never forget Dr. Lepojarvi’s explanation of the dynamic of the tutor relationship. He explained it not as a vertical hierarchy but a horizontal, life-long journey. We learn from each other in our pursuit of truth. This experience transformed my perspective on education and the pursuit of knowledge.”

Lindsey Johnson, BA in Biology, MBA in Healthcare Systems, Florida, USA

Jonathan O'Brien“Jason’s introductory course on Philosophy and Ethics was one of the first university-level courses I ever took, and it definitely set the tone of my studies for years to come. It remains one of my favorite courses to this day. Jason’s good humor and approachable personality made the whole course an enjoyable experience. His approach to philosophy is hands-on and refreshing, not the sort of thing you’d think of a typical philosophy teacher. The most memorable thing about Jason was a one-to-one conversation I had with him on career choices. That conversation has stayed with me all these years, helping my own path in life.”

Jonathan O’Brien, Bachelor in Theology and Religion, Ethics Teacher, Finland

Freitas“Jason has the finest Finnish humour, which helped me enter Lewis’ works softly and joyfully. The idea of one-on-one tutorials felt very intimidating at first, but in hindsight these were precisely what made the course so precious. This professor helped me to desacralise ‘Saint’ Lewis when needed, but also to appreciate the works of one of the most prolific Christian thinkers of the 20th century, with continuing influence into the 21st.”

André Freitas, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil