Dr. Lepojarvi currently offers four different courses. You could take any or all of the following courses. Click on the title to learn more.

          C. S. Lewis: Intellect and Imagination

          C. S. Lewis on Love and Its Limits

          C. S. Lewis and the Problem of Evil

          Philosophy and Tolkien

Courses can either be taken as majors or minors. Minor courses ($650 USD) are comprised of four tutorial sessions, where you will present papers on four key topics on the subject matter of the course. Major courses ($1100 USD) are twice as long: eight tutorial sessions where eight topics are addressed.

These courses can be taken in any of four semester: Winter (starts January), Spring (April), Summer (July), or Fall (October). Depending on your schedule, and whether you take a minor or major course, you may complete the course at full Oxford pace (weekly tutorials), half Oxford pace (biweekly tutorials), or quarter Oxford pace (monthly tutorials). At full pace, a minor course would take one month and a major would take two months. At half pace, a minor course would take two months and a major would take four months.

For more information on what an Oxford-style course would look like with Jason, read more on the Oxford Tutorials page.