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C. S. Lewis: Intellect and Imagination

Rediscover the life and writings of C. S. Lewis: his influences and his influence. What makes his writing so effective, both intellectually and imaginatively?

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C. S. Lewis on Love and its Limits

Starting with The Four Loves, explore the nature of love, as reflected by Lewis and developed across his writings, including Till We Have Faces and Surprised by Joy. What is love? How many loves? Can men and women be friends? When does love become idolatrous?

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C. S. Lewis and the Problem of Evil

Got a problem with evil? So did C. S. Lewis. In fact, for years it prevented him from believing in God. If God is both good and powerful, why is there so much suffering in the world? Why do good people suffer? Why do animals suffer? What can be done to ameliorate the problem?

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